10 Things No One Tells You – Buying A Wedding Dress


As you’ll know from this post Mr LVS and I are engaged and planning our Wedding for 2016. I won’t
be turning into a Wedding only zone but there will be a few posts along the way!

Buying a Wedding dress is unchartered territory. You may have stared with a glazed expression at one through a window but trying and buying is something else!  
10 Things No One Tells You About Buying A Wedding Dress
  1. Wedding dresses are heavy.
    And unlike any other kind of dress you’ve tried on before. Be prepared for trying them on by wearing a strapless bra and plain beige or white pants so they don’t show through. You’ll get used to the weight the longer you wear it.
  2. You write the rules.
    Just because one shop told you your veil can’t be longer than your dress doesn’t make it right or what you want. This is YOUR day. However do bear in mind that these people do this all day, every day, so by all means try it out but heed their warnings too – bounce ideas around with whoever comes with you.
  3. Be ruthless about who accompanies you.
    It might be a nice idea to take all 10 Bridesmaids, your Mother and the future Mother In Law but unless you want to really confuse yourself then don’t. Too many opinions will just stress you out. Take someone whose opinion you trust and limit it to two people. Most Bridal stores will ask who you’re bringing with you to your appointment and usually discourage too many ‘helpers’. But once you’ve made your decision make sure the person who will help you into the dress and arrange it during the ceremony comes to an appointment with you. Otherwise how will they know how to tame the train or button up a bustle?
  4. Ignore trends.
    It’s very easy to flick through the many Bridal magazines out there and find the ‘in’ thing for Wedding dresses this year is multiple layers of feathers but it doesn’t mean that’s what you have to have. Find something that suits you and that you feel comfortable in. You’re going to be wearing this dress on the most important day of your life for something close to 12 hours and you do not want to feel like a swan (or maybe you do, in which case, go you!).
  5. Try, try and try again. This one falls into two categories.
    I’m not suggesting you try on 1000 dresses (in fact don’t do that, you’ll just confuse yourself) but try styles you think you don’t like. Think you want a fitted column gown? Try a full skirt. Want sleeves? Try strapless. It may not be what you would have picked for another event but Wedding dresses have the ability to make you feel completely different about styles.
    Secondly if you think you’ve found the one, step back, take a deep breath and go and have a coffee with whoever you’re with. Then go back (either the same day or another) and try it on again. Emotions can make rash decisions for you – be calm and collected about it. If you’re lying awake at night thinking about this dress then it probably is the one.
  6. Don’t feel pressured.
    If a Bridal shop is forcing you to put down a deposit or offering you free things/discounts if you pay now then step back. It might be tempting but a Wedding dress deposit is a sort of contract so make sure if you do decide to go ahead on the first trip that you read the rules and regs of changing your mind!
  7. Do not buy your Bridesmaids dresses before yours.
    Your best buds may look beautiful in full length tulle with an encrusted belt, but what if you fall in love with something similar when you’ve already paid £500 for their dresses? Do not tailor your decision to what you see them in, this is your day.
  8. It doesn’t have to be white (and FYI white comes in a heck of a lot of shades!).
    It’s only once you step into a Bridal shop and see the dresses lined up do you realise the colour white is open to interpretation. There are a lot of different shades of white to choose from and even cappuccino, blush and caramel tones around these days. Try them and see what they look like with your skin tone.
  9. Ask questions, even if you think they sound stupid.
    Train not long enough on your dress? Ask – can it be ordered with a longer train? Too many sparkles on the lace? Ask – can it come without. Even if the manufacturer doesn’t offer a customisation service most dresses can be adapted (to a certain extent) by a good seamstress with a small extra cost.
  10. You don’t have to cry.
    Butterflies, feeling sick, hot flushes and any other unusual feelings can be an indication that you’ve found the one. You don’t have to burst into tears to know, you’ll just know – trust your gut.
This is simply from my experience so if you have any other tips please do let me know in the comments! Just remember to have fun and enjoy!

I’ll be using the hashtag #LVSWedding when discussing plans so for those who are interested there’ll be an easy way to find all the info on social media and on here.


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