A Year Of Gifts – May & June Reveal

I’m so sorry I’ve got so behind on posting for A Year Of Gifts. We’ve got something rather exciting going on at the moment and it’s taken up all of my time for the last couple of months. I can’t say what it is yet, but all will be revealed before too long!

So May has been and gone and the Mr’s gift was a candlelit dinner for two. Seeing as we haven’t actually got around to doing April’s gift, May’s is also languishing behind! Oh dear, oh dear!

Now that June is upon us, he also has this month’s gift to cash in, which as you can see is a movie of his choice. This means I can’t pipe up and whine about what we’re seeing – which I’ll inevitably do anyway knowing me!

As soon as we get one of these done I will of course update you all on how it went/what we ate/what we saw etc.

Despite being rather rubbish at updating my blog, as I said before, something has been occupying our time and attention since the beginning of April, so please be patient with us and look forward to a big reveal!



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