Amazing Thailand Festival

Firstly my apologies for being MIA recently. Last week I returned from the most fabulous relaxing holiday with my family and boyfriend and as I’m sure you’ll understand it’s all been a bit hectic since then! I wile be back to my normal blogging ways ASAP!

You may remember a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to pick some berries and vegetables at a Pick Your Own farm in Milford. Every other year the farm, Secretts, holds a Thai Festival to celebrate all things Thai and to raise awareness of a fabulous charity called the Mudita Trust.

The Mudita Trust aims to helps abused, distressed and underprivileged children in Thailand, so I’m sure you’ll agree, a very worthy cause.

The Amazing Thailand Festival is a veritable feast of all things Thai. From Thai boxing, to food, to dancing, folk music and much, much more. So Nick and I popped over to Milford to emerge ourselves in the culture and stuff our faces with Pad Thai!

A carved watermelon at the Amazing Thailand Festival 2013

One of the first things we saw was this vegetable and fruit carving stall. Aren’t they amazing?!

Thai carved fruit and vegetables at the Amazing Thailand Festival

After admiring the beauty of the carved out veggies we decided we needed to find them cooked and paired with prawns, so we headed off in search of food. We started off with Pad Thai but we had munched our way through it before I even thought about taking pictures! Next it was a prawn stuffed spring roll and chicken satays with a really good peanut sauce.

Next up I needed hydrating and so we searched the hundreds of stalls to find the coconut man.

Fresh coconut with a straw

We decided then that we needed pudding so off we went, scouring each dessert stall until we found something that we fancied. We came across these little balls of fried deliciousness. I think they’re called  Khanom Khai Nok Krata (but please correct me if I’m wrong!) and they’re balls of fried sweet potato with coconut milk.

a box of Thai Khanom Khai Nok Krata sweets

With our Khanom Khai Nok Krata we sat and watched a talent show where visitors to the festival tried their hand at speaking Thai phrases, dancing and other skills. It was then that I saw someone with Bubble Tea, a favourite since school where we used to go to the local Chinese restaurant just to get a glass of the stuff!

Mine was a strawberry milkshake flavour, which although I’m used to juice based ones was actually pretty tasty!

As the day was drawing to an end we sat by the side of the lake and watched Thai boxing, listened to folk singers and celebrated along with the winners of a trip to Thailand. 

The next festival will be in 2015 and if you’re a fan of all things Thai, make sure you look it up, but in the mean time write a little note in your diary to remind you!


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