Autumn To Do List

Autumn To Do List
  1. Go for a walk and kick the fallen leaves
  2. Donate/purchase food for the food bank every time you shop
  3. Go to the pub and snuggle in front of the fire
  4. Make an apple pie
  5. Donate unwanted/unused winter clothes to a refugee or homeless charity

    Apple Pie

  6. Make spiced apple cider at home
  7. Buy an Autumn candle
  8. Cook a big Sunday lunch for you family
  9. Put an Autumn themed wreath on the front door
  10. Curl up with a good book more often


  11. Have at least an hour a day without your phone/tablet/laptop etc
  12. Moisturise everyday (especially when you’re wearing tights!)
  13. Wear a big snuggly jumper
  14. Drink a giant hot chocolate with all the toppings
  15. Make a pie or batch of soup from scratch

    Hot Chocolate

  16. Play a board game with a loved one
  17. Decorate your house with pumpkins or other Autumn themed pretty things
  18. Stock up on yummy treats for all the kids that will visit on Hallowe’en
  19. Go to a local farm or orchard and pick your own fruit and veg
  20. Send a friend a letter – use pretty stationary and write for a change. Kick technology to the curb for once!

Why not print this list off and use it to inspire your weekends? Tell me your Autumn plans!


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