Baker Days – Letterbox Cake

Hello there! Remember me?

Well we still don’t have the internet in our new house, BUT we do have dining room furniture (buying a house makes you excited about all sorts of things!). However I’m taking a few cheeky minutes off from working hard to write a little blog post for you all!

Ask me to review cake and I think it’s pretty obvious what my answer will be, however I didn’t think it appropriate to respond to that email with OH SWEET BABY AUBERGINE YES!
I played it much cooler than that.

First up, Baker Days needed to know what I would like on my cake. As we’ve just moved into a lovely new house (did I mention that yet?!) I decided on a picture of the house itself.

Next up was choosing the flavour. Well stick the letters C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E on a menu and that’s what I’ll choose, easy peasy so far!

Now the only snag with this order was that despite being a letterbox cake (i.e. it will fit through a standard sized letterbox) and our letterbox most certainly being standard, our Postie didn’t deem it possible. This meant we actually had to go and collect it from the Post Office the next day.

The cake was well packaged, in a sweet little tin, and with some extras such as balloons, candles, a party horn and a little card, which was a nice touch. The cake was intact, and undamaged from being sent through the post.

Seeing as I had sent an image of the house on it’s own and not specified any other designs to include, the design was a little more showy than I was expecting, but fun nonetheless.

I was surprised to see that the cakes have a shelf life of 2-3 weeks, which means they contain ingredients to prolong the length of their life, something I’m not overly keen on. I understand the reasoning, if the recipient isn’t home when the cake arrives, you don’t want it to sit on the doormat going off for a week!

The icing was thin, something a lot of people will be grateful for, as thick icing can be a put off. The chocolate cake was moist and rich but lacked that true chocolate flavour. 

Whilst I think the letterbox cake idea is a great one, I think the novelty of it has meant that the quality of the cakes have been overlooked. These little cakes cost from £14.99 with a plain sponge being the only included ‘free’ option, the other flavours are extra. Again, I think what you’re paying for here is the novelty of sending a friend a cake in the post, and as they don’t have to sign for it (as hopefully it fits through their letterbox!) it’s a complete surprise.

Overall I can’t say I was delighted with the cake. It’s a great concept and I think it could be a really great one with a little bit of effort spent on sending a fantastic tasting cake.

If you want to try out a Baker Days cake for yourself pop over to their website.


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  1. October 5, 2014 / 5:21 am

    That is the cutest cake for the nicest house and you really need to post soon!!

    The Life of Little Me

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