Broadway IMpress Manicure

I’ve long been an advocate of false nails. I struggled not to bite my nails when I was younger and so relished the fact that I could cover them up with long false nails. In fact I loved them so much that I even trained to be an acrylic nail technician. I still occasionally wear gel nails but have stepped away from acrylics as they can be time consuming in my ever busier life. Although much quicker these days, gel polish can still take time and that’s where something like these Broadway IMpress nails* steps in.

I’ve always been skeptical of press on nails, wondering if they really do last as long as they claim, and worried they’re going to ping off into my soup at lunch. But these adhesive nails are tougher than they look.

Broadway IMpress Manicure box 

Presented in what looks like a nail polish bottle, these nails are so easy to apply. Even with my tiny nail beds, there was a size to fit all my nails. You select and lay out the ten nail sizes you will need for both hands from little finger up to thumb size.

Broadway IMpress Manicure box

Starting with a little finger nail, you simply peel off the clear tab to reveal a very sticky pad on the underside of the nail. Next you press this onto your natural nail, making sure to give a good hard press down to ensure the nail has stuck. Continue until you reach your forefingers on both hands, and make sure to do your thumbs last!

Broadway IMpress Manicure in 080 Ex On The Beach 

I found the clear tabs quite hard to pull off, but I think that’s a testament to just how sticky the nail pads are. Although I liked the colour I had been sent (080 Ex On The Beach), I decided that for the Blogger Awards I wanted something a bit more dramatic and glam, so I painted the nails in Revlon’s Moon Candy polish in Moon Dust.

Broadway IMpress manicure painted with Revlon's Moon Candy Moon Dust polish

I applied these during the day of the Company Style Blogger Awards (Wednesday) and wore them out that night, all day Thursday studying, Friday at work (lots of picking up papers and computer work), Saturday to a party and all day Sunday. When worn alone (i.e without additional polish) these can last up to a week. However I removed the Revlon polish (with non acetone polish remover) on Friday evening as it was starting to chip. Admittedly this would have weakened the nails but it didn’t make them any less sticky and they still looked perfect all day Saturday and Sunday.

Broadway IMpress Manicure in 080 Ex On The Beach

I removed the nails on Sunday evening as i had bent a couple of them back whilst moving a suitcase. They were quite hard to remove (good because it means they stick well, bad because I wanted to get them off!) but I just held a cotton wool pad soaked in acetone on them for a minute or two and they became easier to remove.

I would definitely recommend these for an occasion if you don’t want to spend the time and money on gels or acrylics. They are also a lot kinder to your nails than these so this is also an advantage. The Broadway IMpress nails come in a range of colours and patterns (available at Boots from £7.99 to £8.99) so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your personality.

Have you tried the Broadway IMpress Manicure? Which ones did you choose?


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  1. June 16, 2016 / 6:37 pm

    nail design beautiful and interesting, thanks for giving me a good idea of nail designs.

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