Clarks Maple Syrup

When you’re asked if you want to review maple syrup, the answer is always YES.

So cue a Saturday morning, and for once all the family are in the same house. With a big day of unpacking and repacking a lot of boxes (my brother is moving to America…) we needed an equally big breakfast to set us up for the day. My favourite thing to do with maple syrup is drench pancakes and crispy bacon in the stuff. So the first thing you have to do is rustle up (or if you’re really lucky, have Mum rustle up…thanks Mum!) a big ol’ stack of pancakes, followed by a tower of crispy bacon.

While Mum slaved away crisping bacon and flipping pancakes, I set the table, brewed tea and coffee & poured the OJ.

Clarks very kindly sent me all four of their maple syrups to try, and of course with a family of four, it meant they all were given a go.
The flavours are: No.1 Medium Grade, No.2 Amber Grade, Original blended with Carob Syrup & Vanilla blended with Carob Syrup*.


As a family we usually use the No.1 Medium Grade, but it was nice to see what else Clarks have to offer. The Carob blended syrups are a thinner consistency and have less sugar, but other than that you wouldn’t tell that they aren’t 100% maple syrup. I have to say my favourite was the No.2 Amber Grade, closely followed by the Vanilla blended with Carob Syrup.

The No.2 Amber Grade was a dark and rich syrup, just like maple syrup should be. Being used to the No.1 Medium Grade I know this is a winner, but I have to say I may be popping the No.2 Amber Grade in the shopping basket from now on, it just has a richer, deeper flavour.

I photographed this one to make it look like I was being dainty by only having two pancakes and two rashers of bacon, when in reality my plate was pretty much piled high!


The Original blended with Carob Syrup was a lovely maple-y flavour, but I think I would choose the Medium & Amber Grades over it. As for the Vanilla syrup, well this was my second favourite of the bunch. Sweet without being sickly and with a subtle vanilla hit. The Vanilla syrup would be great in coffee or in a buttercream for cupcakes. Yum.

But maple syrup isn’t just limited to pancakes and bacon, oh no! On Sunday I used a good glug of it on the carrots to give them a sweet and shiny glaze. It can even be used as a dressing for salad, or how about drizzling a little over some salmon, mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil? Erm yes please! For more inspiration, check out the Clarks recipes on their website.
But having said that, I do love it when my pancakes and bacon are drenched in maple syrup, don’t you?

If you’d like to find out about Clarks and how they source their maple syrup, pop over to their YouTube channel for more info.

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