Company Style Blogger Awards 2013

So yesterday was a bit of a nerve wracking day! Company magazine were due to release their short list of blogs for the Style Blogger Awards 2013. After refreshing my twitter feed so much my thumb was aching, they posted the link.

I was completely surprised and utterly delighted to see that my blog has been short listed for the Best Use Of Photography award! Thank you so much to everyone who voted the first time round but now I have to be a little cheeky and ask you to vote again!

Just follow the link below and keep going through the pages until you reach the photography category. There you’ll see my blog name (helpfully right at the bottom!)

I know you’ve all done it once before, but if you could vote this second time I would be so so grateful, it would really mean a lot!

Thank you again to everyone, I’m so very proud of my little blog!

Much love,

Sophie x


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