Crazy Bears

So this time last week I was all excited about going to Oxford to see two of my favourite people. One of those favourite people has just spent the last year living in Australia, where he had the time of his life and met a lovely Irish guy. Now they have both returned from Australia and have decided to move to Ireland together, lovely for them but sad for me. So I went to Oxford to say hello and goodbye which was a little bit of a bittersweet occasion but lovely none the less.

The other favourite person, V, cheered me up no end by taking me and another friend, J, to meet people in a Jericho restaurant/wine bar. We chatted away with new friends over a bottle of wine before making our way back into the centre of town to party in our local. I spent pretty much every night of my three years of uni at this place and it holds A LOT of great memories. A few tequilas and jaegerbombs later and we stumbled home giggling.

On the way back, V mentioned that she was going to a party at the weekend and did I want to come along with her and the others we had spent the evening with? I didn’t need asking twice.

So, on Saturday night, I made my way back to Oxford and indulged in a night of wine and X Factor with V, before setting off to MAC on Sunday morning to have our makeup done for the party. After a couple of hours of being preened, we popped back to V’s to finish getting ready before making our way to J’s house for pre party drinks.

A few glasses of pink fizz and many a photo later, we set off for the Crazy Bear summer garden party. This party is hosted by the Crazy Bear Group, who own a hotel just outside of Oxford in Stadhampton and every year, they host this summer garden party, with musical acts, food, bars, VIPS and much more.

J, V and I were in the general admission area, but J’s boyfriend was rocking it in VIP. Luckily he had some spare wristbands for the VIP area so we ended up hanging out in the VIP tent, drinking free Peroni and eating the most amazing burgers from the BBQ. We danced through the afternoon to Elvis
(aka Ben Portsmouth, a brilliant impersonator), Shuffler (search for these guys, Daniel Pearce has the voice of an angel!) and stared wide eyed at the gorgeous burlesque acts by Beatrix Von Bourbon and Hollywood Pink.

After a little sit down with yet more Peroni we did some stalking of a couple of TOWIE ‘stars’ (I use the word stars’ loosely… ) and attemped to ask Jodie Marsh for a photo (she wasn’t particularly friendly). The rest of the night we danced away to Boy George, who played a fantastic DJ set whilst the sky lit up with fireworks.

N.B Thanks V for the pictures!

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  1. September 3, 2012 / 7:11 pm

    Jodie Marsh was sooooo rude and should have let me talk a little longer as she clearly needed my style tips xxx

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