Dirty Stop Out Kit

This really isn’t as seedy as the title makes it out to be. I tend to stay with friends a lot and sometimes without warning after work or dinner that turns into drinks and a night out.

The name comes from a time when I went to visit a friend in Oxford and ended up staying over without planning to. That night I wasn’t fortunate enough to have come up with this yet, and so ended up travelling to London the next day with panda eyes and smelling like a nightclub. Not good. I ran to the nearest Boots and bought what I needed to survive the day, and the DSO kit was born!

I have two versions of the DSO kit, one for the girls and the other for the boys (handy if you have a man bag, and if you don’t, then get one, girls like man bags!) Keep reading after the girls version to find the men’s kit.

Firstly head down to Primark and buy yourself a small wash bag or make up case that will fit the kit and fit into your handbag. Please don’t go cramming this kit into some gorgeous buttery soft leather case, because it’s going to get battered in your handbag and if you do bust the zip, at least a Primark model is easily replaced.
The key with this kit is keep everything small. You want to be able to keep it with you permanently without it weighing down your handbag. Ideally pop along to the holiday minis aisle and stock up or if you like certain brands too much, ask for samples of the products you use on a daily basis, as long as you’re not going back every week for them, they shouldn’t mind. 

Untitled #3

1. Small wash bag/make up case

2. A pair of knickers

3. Face wipes

4. Hair tie & some grips

5. Mini dry shampoo

6. Mini toothbrush & toothpaste

7. Mini deodorant

8. Perfume

9. Moisturiser

10. Vaseline

11. Painkillers

12. Mascara

Now this might sound like a lot of stuff to cram into a small make up/wash bag, but trust me, with a little bit of jiggling around this does all fit in a rather small space and guarantees you won’t have to spend the next day at work looking like a zombie/walk of shame/smelling like a nightclub and instead
will be looking and smelling as fresh as a daisy with no headache to boot! And for the boys keep reading, your version is below.

Untitled #2

1. Small wash bag

2. A pair of boxers/briefs/tighty whiteys (delete as appropriate) 

3. Face wipes

4. Mini pot of hair wax or gel

5. Mini toothbrush & toothpaste

6. Mini deodorant

7. Aftershave

8. Moisturiser

9. Vaseline

10. Painkillers

So that’s all there is to it really! Obviously if you can’t live without your favourite lipstick/mints/hairspray then add to your kit, but remember to keep it simple. So off you go and enjoy your night out without worrying about what you’ll look like in the morning!



  1. Rob
    January 24, 2013 / 11:42 am

    As a bloke I have never, ever, needed vaseline. Not even for /that/. I'd switch it for disposable razor so I don't look like a hobo in the office.

  2. January 24, 2013 / 3:06 pm

    Rob, I did think about a disposable razor but then thought that some people may not be comfortable carrying one around with them, maybe that's just my paranoid mind?? x

  3. January 24, 2013 / 9:34 pm

    As long as you're not going on a plane, I don't think it's an issue. I've always got one in my wash bag (but then usually I'm just taking it to the gym, not with me everywhere I go!).

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