PR Samples and Sponsored Posts

I am committed to producing an open and honest blog for my readers. From time to time I am gifted PR samples from brands and occasionally I am given press discounts to purchase items. All items received are for consideration and in receiving them I am no way obligated to feature them on La Vie Sophie. If I do feature them, it is because I personally like the product and want to share the product with you. Similarly many of the products and items you will see on La Vie Sophie are items that I have purchased myself or been gifted by generous family or friends and my reviews of them will be as honest.

Occasionally I will feature sponsored posts. On these occasions I will have worked with a specific brand and have received payment to promote their product or event. All sponsored posts will clearly be marked as “Sponsored Post” or “Ad” in the content. I will only accept sponsored posts that I believe are in keeping with the content of La Vie Sophie.

If you wish to ask me a question about a product or blog post on La Vie Sophie, please email me or contact me on Twitter.

If you’re a PR and would like to work with me and my blog, I’m always interested in eating, travelling, reviewing and generally seeing what you can come up with for me to do.

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