Flight Essentials

Flight Essentials

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to have certain things with me on flights, for example I always wear a vintage silver filigree heart necklace my Mum gave me. As I’m off to Qatar tomorrow, I thought I’d give you a little run down of the things I like to have with me on board.

Dry skin is not nice, especially when you’re off on holiday and want to look your best, so I like to keep some hand cream (I’m loving Cath Kidston ‘Wild Rose‘ at the moment) and moisturiser (Clarins, always) in my on-board bag. Slathering on some handcream during the flight ensures you don’t have chapped hands when you arrive at your destination. Clarins ‘Beauty Flash Balm‘ is great because it’s formulated for tired skin and makes sure you get off the plane looking as fresh as when you got on. I’m a great believer in Vaseline too, it’s not only great for lips but it can be used anywhere and everywhere to get rid of any little dry spots you may have. Since I’ve discovered Lisa Eldridge, I’ll be following her long-haul flight beauty regime to ensure I arrive looking fresh as a daisy!

If like me your ears pop alot on flights, then tucking a handful of hard boiled sweets into your bag helps ease the pain (and they taste good too!) A couple of distractions from the pain can be good too, I’m obsessed with my Kindle so I’ll make sure I have enough books downloaded to keep me going, and my iPod well stocked with music for the flight and for sunbathing.

I have a great ability to fall asleep practically anywhere, so a neck pillow is a must unless you want to wake up with an aching neck. Unless you’re on a long haul flight, chances are you won’t be given an eye mask so find a pretty one and pop that on to ensure people know you don’t want to be disturbed. Some thick socks are a good idea as planes tend to get a bit chilly and you don’t want to keep waking up with frozen tootsies!
I find a watch is essential, the key to adjusting to different time zones is to change the time on your watch to the local time of your destination as soon as you get on the plane, that way you’ve already begun adjusting before you even get there (ideal for when you intend on staying up when you’ve arrived).

Finally, if you’re not a very confident flyer (I can’t say it’s my favourite activity) I’ve found the key to keeping calm and relaxed is to have things you are familiar with around you, take your favourite blanket to keep you snug on the flight, or download your favourite album to listen to. Most of all, try to relax. If you’re worried, chances are you’ll get a headache, but if you do, try Tiger Balm (I’m a massive fan) to help ease the tension.

But most importantly, wherever you’re off to, enjoy yourself at the other end!


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