GETINCASED iPhone Case Review

GETINCASED got in touch to ask if I would like to create my own iPhone case with one of my pictures. I thought this was a lovely idea, so I popped over to the website to get creating my case.

Now the first problem I encountered was which picture to use? With so many pictures from my travels, I was really struggling to pick one!

In the end I chose this picture that I took of Lake Bled, Slovenia when I was on my Gap Year.

I ordered the Custom Slim iPhone 5 case to fit my phone, but there are a lot of different cases to fit all sorts of phone model. The case arrived quickly and well packaged and as soon as I unpacked it I was happy with the result.

The quality of the printing on the case* is fantastic, there’s no blurring and the picture is sharp and crisp. I chose to centre the spire of the church in the centre of the case, and to have the image landscape as it shows off more of the beautiful scenery. The images automatically wrap around the case, a feature that I really like as then it doesn’t cut off any of your picture, or leave an unsightly white band around the edges.

The GETINCASED custom iPhone cases are usually around £24.99 but are currently on sale and down to £19.99. These cases make a lovely present perhaps use a picture of your significant other, the kids, the cat/dog/hamster/tortoise etc or like mine use a picture that reminds you of somewhere you’ve visited. Whatever you chose, it’s nice to know it’ll be personal to you.

What picture would you chose for a personalised GETINCASED phone case?


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