Holiday Prep

Ok, so it’s a week until I fly out to Qatar with a friend for a bit of a reunion with a school friend of ours who has gone out there to live and work. I’m very excited to be getting some sunshine amidst all this snow and ice, and whilst the snow is very beautiful, I am well aware that the English ‘big freeze’ (and central heating) hasn’t exactly done wonders for my skin and hair!
A couple of weeks ago I went to a Detox themed evening at my local gym. The idea was to learn how to detox on a daily basis, for life, not a fad one off diet. It was really interesting and although I thought I knew a lot about detoxing, I learnt a heck of a lot more. Our gym has a spa and salon and so the beauty girls (and guy) were on hand to demonstrate some of the detoxifying treatments they do. When I heard the words ‘Algae wrap’ I just knew it would be the perfect pre-holiday treatment. The spa uses Espa products and their website says that the Algae wrap treatment helps to ‘tone and firm skin, stimulate circulation, and drain the lymphatic system to help eliminate toxins from the body.’ What could be more perfect before a holiday!?
But professional treatments aside, I know there are a few things I need to get on with before I take off to a sunnier climate. So here are my 5 holiday prep steps:
1. Exfoliate
By exfoliating before you go you’ll be getting rid of any dryness which can lead to peeling (not a good look) and moisturised skin holds a tan longer, meaning you’ll get envious looks for longer once you’re back! Make sure you concentrate on elbows, knees and achilles where skin tends to be thicker and rougher. Clarins do a great lip exfoliator if you find you’re getting chapped lips in this weather.
2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!
Absolutely everywhere, I cannot stress this enough. Before you go, whilst you’re there and when you’re back. Hopefully this is part of your daily routine already (ok some days we all forget) but this is massively important when you’re planning on sunning yourself and again is helps your tan last longer.
3. Hair
I used to be quite blonde and time and again I would find my hair broken and damaged after highlighting and then sunshine, and then I found Argan oil and it’s an absolute miracle worker. I use an Argan oil based shampoo but if you can get hold of an intensive hair mask then try this before you go and if there’s room in your suitcase, take it with you, your hair will thank you. However, if you want to strip down the contents of your holiday washbag then go and buy a bottle of pure Argan oil. There are a few out there, from expensive ones to more reasonable ones (I use Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Serum £6.99 for 100ml).
4. Eyebrows
I am blessed with minimal upkeep eyebrows, meaning I use my tweezers probably once every other week, but for those who haven’t been so fortunate, make sure you get them threaded/tweezed/waxed in plenty of time before you go, raw eyebrows and sun are not a good combo!
5. Nails
If like me you’ve had your poor feet stuck inside wellies/walking boots/fluffy socks/novelty slippers over the winter period then the likelihood is that they posses chipped nail varnish and dry soles. Don’t forget that when you’re on holiday in the sun, your feet are going to be on show ALL THE TIME. So if you’re feeling a bit flush then go and get a pedicure but if not just make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and painted, it makes a world of difference and the same goes for fingernails. Personally with all the chlorine, salt water and creams that are going to be all over your hands, I would go for a gel polish (Shellac is brilliant) on both fingers and toes, meaning you don’t have to worry about it chipping or taking the polish with you. On the face of it, it may look a little expensive but with how long it lasts I would think of it more as an investment!
So that’s what I will be doing in the next week. I’m sorry to all those who haven’t seen some sunshine for a while – I’ll try and bring some back with me.

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