I Spend My Days Writing Letters, I Spend My Evenings Singing Songs

Receiving post is one of my favourite things. In this technological age it’s rare to receive post that isn’t junk mail. Bank statements are digital, we all communicate via twitter, email and Facebook, so when someone takes the time to sit down and actually write to you, it’s rather special.

I’m a big fan of writing to people. Admittedly I don’t get to write letters all that often these days, but back at school my friend and I used to write to each other now and again to catch up on each others lives. But I am a big believer in sending cards, especially ‘Thank You’ cards.

When someone has gone to the effort of picking out a present for you, hosting an event or welcoming you into their home, there is nothing nicer than a few days later receiving a handwritten note to make that person aware that you appreciated their efforts.

Over the years I seem to have accumulated a fair few cards for this purpose. I like to have a few packs of cards around if I need to send a little note to someone. For really special occasions or if someone has really gone out of their way to help me, I will choose a specific card for them, but having my little stash means I can always be prepared to thank someone, and I think that’s what matters.

These four packs of cards have come from either TKMaxx or Home Sense. They’re both great places to pick up pretty cards for a fraction of the price of somewhere like Paperchase. My current favourites are the royal blue laser cut cards, they’re just so delicate and pretty.

The two laser cut packs and the turquoise & white flower pack are by a company called George Stanley Stationary. You can regularly find these in Home Sense and they come in a variety of patterns, designs and colours. I always find it so hard to choose!

The cream & gold embossed ‘Thank You’ cards are by a company called La Petite Presse, and these can often be found in both Home Sense and TKMaxx.

So next time you’re invited to someone’s house for dinner, or a friend gives you a present, try to remember to send them a little card. After all it only takes a little to let someone know that we appreciate them, but it could mean a lot to those who deserve it.


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