It’s My Party And I’ll Craft If I Want To!

As you may know, my birthday is in September, on the 19th to be exact. This year I turned 25 (yup old blogger alert!) and I wanted to do something a little bit different for it. 
So taking some inspiration from the Pinned It! Made It! girls, I decided on an afternoon tea party with crafts afterwards.

There were seven girls for tea (plus one adorable 12 week old little man!) and as usual I overcatered!

I had baked scones, biscuits & strawberry custard tarts, made sandwiches with all my favourite fillings (egg mayo & cress, roast beef with horseradish & rocket and smoked salmon with cream cheese and cucumber) and provided strawberry meringue kisses all to be washed down with Prosecco (and tea for those driving!)

homemade strawberry custard tarts

I wanted to keep the decoration simple and elegant, so I went for a grey, yellow and white theme for the tea table.

afternoon tea on the table with bright yellow Gerbera daisies and champagne

White pom poms and napkins, white tea cups and saucers with grey chevron paper straws (yes we drank Prosecco through straws!) and bright yellow Gerbera daisies.
champagne flutes with grey chevron printed paper straws

After tea we moved rooms for some crafting! The girls didn’t know what the planned ‘activity’ was for the afternoon and I was a little nervous about revealing it in case they all thought I’d gone bonkers and boring! Luckily they were very excited when they saw what we were going to be doing, so I was relieved and very happy!
Having taken a trip to Hobby Craft earlier in the week I had given each girl a cardboard initial of their first name to decorate, along with the choice of either an oval or square box or a picture frame each. To decorate them all I put out little glass dishes of pearls, cubes with letters on, driftwood and shells (that my poor boyfriend and I spent an afternoon collecting!), buttons, studs and crystals. I popped some tubes of UHU glue round the tables and let them get crafty!
the crafting table
Of course we accompanied the crafting with yet more Prosecco and let our crafting skills run wild, well some more than others!
Friends holding their decorated cardboard letters at my birthday party
It was so lovely to catch up with all the girls, and for some of them to meet each other as they’ve been hearing stories about one another for a while now! I apologise for not having fantastic quality photos but to be honest I was having too much fun to take photos!

A cardboard letter S decorated with buttons, letter cubes, diamante and studs


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