Lazy Girl Moisturiser

Your alarm has just abruptly awoken you from a dream about Ryan Gosling. You crawl out of bed and head for the shower. Now, you know the drill: shower, dry, moisturise, stand around for 10 minutes like John Wayne waiting for said moisturiser to sink in and BAM! Now you’re late for work.

Well despair no more! I can’t stop the alarm from waking you up just before you snog Mr Gosling, but I can help you shorten your morning routine. Cue Nivea coming to the rescue with their new In-Shower Body Moisturiser.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

I admit when I first saw this I thought it was probably a gimmick designed for beauty product suckers like me who like to try everything once. But I was wrong.

The concept is very simple. Wash with your regular shower gel or body wash, then apply the In-Shower Body Moisturiser as if it was another shower gel. Rinse, get out, dry and go.

There are two to choose from, the Dry Skin with Almond Oil or the Normal Skin with Sea Minerals. I went for the Dry Skin formula as my skin is particularly dry after all the central heating of winter.

So does it work? Quite simply, yes. My skin feels softer and like it’s been moisturised. The tough areas (knees, elbows, Achilles) are feeling softer and it shaves time off my morning routine! It does feel a little strange to be applying a moisturiser in the shower and then rinsing it off, but stick with it, your skin will appreciate it!

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

It feels just like a moisturiser/hair conditioner and also smells heavenly. Nivea tend to have a typical smell across their products and this is no exception. Be aware that it can make the shower tray a little slippery so be careful!

Nivea Dry Skin In-Shower Body Moisturiser swatch

If you find you’re skipping the moisturisers (tut tut!) or always running late for the day, then give this a go and see if you think it makes a difference.


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