Lisa Eldridge

If you think you’ve heard the name Lisa Eldridge before, then you may be right.
Watched Channel 4’s ’10 Years Younger’? Then you’ve seen her.
Read a copy of Vogue, Elle or seen a major fashion house advertising campagin? You’ve probably seen her work.

Lisa Eldridge is a make up artist to the stars. She counts Elle Macpherson, Liz Hurley, Katy Perry and many many more super stars amongst her client list. She’s probably the reason various stars never look jet-lagged at their events or like they’ve been up all night with a new baby. She’s pretty much a make up miracle worker.

I recently discovered her website which is jam packed full of DIY videos. But what I love about these videos, is that most of the time, she does the make up on herself. None of this ‘I’m too good to be seen without make up on the internet’, in fact quite the opposite (although credit has to be given to the brave models who are mad enough to have been filmed sans make up in HD….mad)

Now, some of the videos may be a bit lengthy, but once you see what she can help you do in a very short amount of time, I think you’ll be willing to forgive her. If like me you’ve got a stuck in a bit of a make up rut, applying the same thing day in and day out, have a look through her videos and try something new.

Here are four of my favourite make up looks from her site:

Flawless & Chic

Soft Tonal Look

Chic & Simple 5 Min Make Up

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner…

And alongside her make up tutorials, there are also videos with advice on how to treat various pesky facial problems, like treatments for dark circles and expert tips on how to cover up acne (kudos to the beautiful model who starts with no make up on!) But there are also hand hints on how to remove your make up properly and tips on how to leave the plane looking fabulous just by following a simple flight beauty regime.

There are loads of videos on Lisa’s site, from which foundations to use for very pale skin, to dramatic night time looks. I’ve already changed the way I apply my make up just from watching one of her videos and I can see the difference immediately. So if you find yourself plumping for the same old make up style again and again, have a browse through some of her videos and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little!


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