Little or large?

Recently I’ve been seeing smaller and smaller handbags around and this worries me, a lot. I would love to be able to confidently carry only my phone, keys, credit card and a lipgloss, but I’m too paranoid about what situation I may find myself in. This is why my handbag resembles a small suitcase both in size and weight (in fact my nickname is ‘Mary Poppins’, if you want it, I’ve probably got it!)

So this is what I like to carry around with me on a daily basis, in case I have an impromptu coffee date/night out/shopping trip/dinner etc.




Small bottle of perfume





Business card holder

Oyster card holder/railcard holder

Nail file

Chewing gum or mints

So this is what I keep in my handbag normally, but I also carry around what has come to be known as my Dirty Stop Out Kit. This is not as promiscuous as it sounds! It comes from always being in different places, sometimes staying with friends with no warning. The last thing you want to do is say no to a spontaneous night out just because you haven’t got certain things with you!
So, to make your own Dirty Stop Out Kit, look out for my next post for how to assemble your own!


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