London & Lichtenstein

On Friday last week I popped to London for a day of friends, art and food. I arrived in good time at the station and as usual the ticket machines were having a funny five minutes. Thinking I would miss the train I had decided on, I casually saunteered up to the platform, only to realise it was still there. With the doors beeping at me and the conductor shouting at me I slalomed onto the train. Then I had a horrible thought that I may have actually rushed to get on the wrong train.

I asked the gentleman opposite me if I had in fact boarded the train to Waterloo. With a deadpan expression he announced the one letter I had been dreading ‘N’ (cue blood draining from my face, limbs going weak etc) before quickly correcting himself to a confident ‘Yes’ and then laughing. He’s lucky I have a sense of humour!

Train ticket

Once I’d arrived in London, I made my way over to Pimlico to see Gina & Alex for pizza, wine and a much needed catch up.

Pizza Express Fiorentina pizza

There were three pizzas but I was lucky to get a photo of one whole one before they were hungrily destroyed.

White wine & water
Best friends reunited

Before I knew it, it was 2.30 and I had to rush off to St Paul’s to my second ‘meeting’ of the day with Elisabeth.

St Paul's cathedral London

I had rather stupidly decided on open shoes on what was a pretty chilly day!

Cold feet

After finding Elisabeth amongst the tourists in front of the Cathedral, we made our way over the wobbly Millennium bridge to the Tate Modern.

I am a massive fan of Roy Lichtenstein’s work, so I was pretty excited to get inside the exhibition! Unfortunately it was a no cameras allowed exhibition so you’ll have to make do with some pictures from the exhibition catalogue. If you live in the UK & can get to London then go, it’s worth it. If you have no idea who I’m talking about when I say Lichtenstein then please, please, please Google him!

Lichtenstein information booklet

The exhibition is on until 27th May 2013 so you have plenty of time to go along and drool over this Pop Art genius’ work. Tickets can be bought here.

Roy Lichtenstein Drowning Girl 1963

Roy Lichtenstein Ceramic Sculpture 7 1965 and Black and white head 1966
Roy Lichtenstein Hopeless 1963 and Drowning Girl 1963

After the Tate, Elisabeth and I decided it was time for tea and cake, so we found a little cafe and settled down to a big hunk of strawberry gateaux and mugs of steaming hot chocolate..

Strawberry gateaux

After leaving Elisabeth on the underground (chatting so much she nearly missed her stop!) I popped back to Pimlico to have a cup of tea with Alex before heading into Chelsea for much needed catch up with my big brother.

We have a funny habit of pretty much always going for Chinese when we meet up and this time was no different. We stalked down the Kings Road in the rain until we reached the restaurant where we tucked into plates piled high with hot crispy noodles, prawns and squid, the perfect antidote to a cold rainy London evening.
After saying goodbye I made my way back to Waterloo and jumped on a train home, arriving back with a full belly & happy at having caught up with all my favourite people. Bliss.


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