Lush Shampoo Bar – Squeaky Green

A few weeks ago I bought myself my first ever Lush product. Yes, that’s right! I have used Lush before but they’ve always been presents and mostly bath bombs, so I thought I would branch out to something a bit different.

Now my scalp is usually very well behaved. I don’t normally get dandruff and it isn’t too oily, so all in all good scalp. However, recently I’ve found my hairline to be a bit, how should I put it, flaky. Now I know dandruff isn’t exactly a glamorous topic, but according to Head & Shoulders up to 50% of people have experienced dandruff at some point in their lives.

So on this note, I decided something needed to be done. After reading many a blog post about how great Lush is due to the fact that they use all natural ingredients, I popped in when I was last in town.

The lovely lady behind the counter could not have been more helpful. I explained my dilemma and she immediately said ‘Squeaky Green!’ to me!

Lush Shampoo Bar - Squeaky Green

So I handed over £5.25 for the shampoo bar and £2.50 for a little tin and went on my way. Now I thought that was a little steep for a tiny bar of shampoo and a equally small tin (I think the tins should be free, personally.) but you have to bear in mind that these little babies last as long as three 250g bottles of shampoo which means they’re actually great value for money.

This bar is great for dandruff as it contains Nettle, Rosemary, Peppermint & Tea Tree, all ingredients to help soothe and calm your pretty head. It also smells great, not over powering, but just the right amount of herby so you don’t feel like you’re shoved your head into the kitchen garden!

Lush Shampoo Bar - Squeaky Green

I’ve been using Squeaky Green for two weeks now (washing my hair every 2-3 days) and so far so good on the flaky front! I have also found that I don’t need to wash my hair every other day as I did before, and that it will happily last 3 days if I need it to (i.e. if I’m being lazy…)

Lush Shampoo Bar - Squeaky Green

The only problem I have with the product is the little tin that you buy to put it in. The tins have been made to the same dimensions as the shampoo bars, which means they don’t fit in unless you’ve used them a few times. However, even after a few uses, when the shampoo bar does go in, it then sometimes gets stuck as it dries. I think perhaps Lush need to rethink the dimensions of the tins so that the bars fit in and more importantly come back out right from the word go.

Other than that I’m really enjoying using a Lush product and maybe when I’m back from my holidays I’ll give one of the face masks a go.

Do you use any Lush products, if so which ones? If not, what would you like to try?


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