MAC Face And Body Foundation

A few weeks ago when I was in Oxford I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting up with a friend. This meant one thing, an illicit visit to the MAC counter. You see, Oxford is my nearest MAC counter (sob!) and so when I’m there I tend to feel the need to try something new or replenish my stock of my beloved Studio Moisture Tint.

But this time I wanted something different, I wanted more. Well coverage anyway. I lurked around until my faourite makeup artist was free (she did my makeup for the Crazy Bear party last year and I fell in love with her then!) and I asked her to colour match me for a foundation. She had originally pointed me in the direction of the Studio Moisture Tint back in August last year, but understood that during the darker months and bad skin days I just wanted something with a heavier coverage but that didn’t look it.

She spent plenty of time testing differnt foundations and showing me different levels of coverage, but eventually we settled on a more personalised foundation. It consists of the Face And Body Foundation in N1 (Soft Alabaster) mixed with an equal amount of my usual Studio Moisture Tint in Light. The FAB Foundation is too orange based for my skin on its own, and the more porcelain tones of the SMT lightens it enough for my skin tone.

I also suffer from very dark eye circles and asked the wonderful MAC girl if she could recommend something to help conceal them. I’ve been using the Clarins Instant Light Brush On Perfector (in 00) for years and I do love it, but I wanted to see if there was something different to have a go with. She recommeded the MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose. Whilst this is usually used for highlighting the face, it can also be used under the eyes and the pink tones help disguise dark circles.

I adore the combination of the Face And Body foundation & Studio Moisture Tint and have been wearing it daily (although with the summer months hopefully creeping in I will return to using just my SMT). But even better than that I’ve been learning to apply it with my new Real Techniques Foundation brush.

I’m usually a hands on kind of girl when it comes to cosmetics, prefering to use my fingers to blend and shade, but I got caught up in the hype of these brushes and thought I’d give one a go.

I chose the Foundation brush as I thought it would be the one I would get the most use out of.  The brush itself is very soft, and the angled head allow you to get into the eye socket and down the side of the nose.I do find it gives me an even, slight airbrushed look, but you do have to be careful you don’t use too much product. If you do it becomes streaky and the brushstrokes are very visible, but if you’re lighthanded and gently build the product up it works a treat.

Do you own any of the Real Techniques brushes? If not are you tempted to try them?

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