Mara Ticzon

Looking over my blog stats one day I was surprised to see my highest readership country is the US. It still fascinates me that anyone may actually read my blog, but the idea that literally hundreds of you in the States are reading this = mind blown!

And with that in mind I want to take an opportunity to promote one of your own residents, Mara Ticzon.

Mara is a recent graduate of the Apparel Design course at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and is paving the way for herself as a designer (to read more about Mara click here)

Her latest collection ‘Curiosity’ really intrigued me (as it should with a name like Curiosity!) and her influences for this collection reference one of my favourite books.

Evoking elements of ‘The Little Prince’ and the equally distinguished novel ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ her latest womenswear collection explores the form and shape of hot air balloons – something that is visually obvious in the collection and carefully crafted not to look ‘gimmicky’.


In this collection Mara uses beautiful fluid materials such as silk organza to create beautiful, figure flattering shapes. These fabrics are then layered with drawings by the artist Jean-Michele Basquiat – an artist well known for his child-like drawings – further emphasising the theme of youth pulled through from the influence of ‘The Little Prince’.


I’ve been really impressed with Mara’s work and I can’t wait to see future collections from her.
Visit her website for more information and to see more from this fantastic new designer.



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