Mein Cupcake

In my last post (Baking Mad) you will have seen a I had baked a rather splendid Bundt cake with some very pretty sprinkles and made some feta, sundried tomato and olive loaves in some seriously jazzy paper loaf trays.

Mein Cupcake very kindly let me choose some products from their website to review. I chose these fantastic, eye catching Miss Etoile baking trays, some Back & Decor sugar sprinkles, an off-set spatula and of course the beautiful Bundt tin. I received the items quickly and was very excited about their arrival!


Aren’t these just the cutest?!

I’ve never baked a Bundt before, so with the assistance of Baking Mad and my gorgeous new Bundt tin, I got to work. The tin is non-stick but I still gave it a thin coating of baking spray just in case!

I have to admit I was sceptical that the Bundt would come out as detailed as the tin but to my surprise it did, and rather resplendent it looked too! It came out of the tin very easily and had a really lovely even bake (the dark colour is because it had coffee in it!)
But it definitely needed sprinkles, because everything is better with sprinkles! And look how pretty these ones are…


I dunked the end of the off-set spatula into the runny icing and drizzled it down the sides of the Bundt, making sure to avoid covering the pretty tulip details, and then topped with plenty of sprinkles. It’s a bit sad but I’ve been after an off-set spatula for a while now, they make icing cupcakes so much easier!


Mein Cupcake is packed full of fun and interesting cake related paraphernalia and it will take a while to browse through everything, but make sure you do as there are some absolute gems in there! Mein Cupcake is their main website but they do also have a UK version for non German readers! If you’re as baking mad as me then make sure you take a look!


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