Mini Superdrug Haul

I popped into Superdrug yesterday to try and find a replacement face mask as both my peel off one and my Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask have finally run out. I try to do a mask of some sort (Oskia Renaissance, peel off or mud mask) once a week, and as my Oskia is also running dangerously low, I thought I’d see what I could find.

In the end I decided on two masks (they’re 2 for £3.50 at the moment!) from the Superdrug Mud Therapy range, Raspberry Exfoliating Mud Mask and Deep Cleansing Mud Mask.

The exfoliating mask contains raspberry seeds and apricot kernals which both help to gently buff away dead skin cells to leave softer skin. It also smells absolutely amazing (just try not to eat it!).

Superdrug Mud Therapy Raspberry Exfoliating Mud Mask

Superdrug Mud Therapy Raspberry Exfoliating Mud Mask

The Deep Cleansing mask contains Dead Sea mud which helps to detoxify the skin, again to leave it smoother and brighter. This has a gentle, earthy smell to it that isn’t unpleasant.

Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

Both masks are to be applied to a cleansed face, massaged in gently and to be left for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. The Mud Therapy range also has a soothing Rosewater mask for Sensitive Skin and an Aloe Vera mask.
Whilst I was in Superdrug I had a little browse of the MUA display and spotted the Undress Me Too eyeshadow palette. 
MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette
The colours are really lovely, mostly soft neutrals and greys, with some metallics thrown in for good measure. At £4 this little 12 colour palette is quite the bargain.

 MUA Eyeshadows in Naked, Devotion, Shy & Fiery

MUA Eyeshadows in Lavish, Dreamy, Tranquil & Exposed 
MUA Eyeshadows in Corrupt, Obsessed, Wink & Reveal
I want to get my hands on the MUA eyebrow palette but they never seem to have any in stock when I’m in town! If you’ve ever used the eyebrow palette then please let me know how you’ve got on with it and if you think it is worth it!


  1. April 14, 2013 / 6:23 pm

    Omg, I really love the look of this palette, and I love the graphics and swatches! Awesome! 🙂

  2. April 15, 2013 / 12:24 pm

    Reveal is such a nice colour!

  3. April 15, 2013 / 1:10 pm

    Thanks Kimberley! I think it's great for £4! x

  4. April 15, 2013 / 1:11 pm

    I know! I also love Exposed but that's probably because it's so similar to Reveal x

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