MoneySupermarket Charcoal Challenge

The other week, the folks over at MoneySupermarket challenged me to hold a BBQ as part of their Charcoal Challenge competition. They very kindly donated £50* and my challenge was to provide a BBQ for this amount.

I had a couple of friends and the other half round on Friday night, so I decided that we should hold the BBQ on the Saturday whilst we were recovering from our previous nights’ antics.
One of these friends has, in the last year, moved back to the UK from her native South Africa and I wanted her to feel like she was at home, by giving her a Braai.

So with G in mind, I went on the hunt for a South African themed menu. Luckily my local butcher is a dab hand at sourcing speciality meats and this time he came up trumps with Zebra steaks, Crocodile medallions and Boerewors (a South African sausage).


The other half fired up the BBQ and we popped the Boerewors on to cook, whilst I wrapped the corn cobs in tin foil with a homemade garlic and parsley butter, and chucked the asparagus on the grill.

Next on the BBQ was the Crocodile. This I’d cut into pieces and skewered onto kebab sticks with yellow and purple peppers marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley. Whilst these were cooking we snacked on Biltong (dried meat, in this case Beef), something that reminds me of being at school with G.


While the BBQ was being intently watched, I bunched the cutlery together with some cute Braai tags I’d downloaded and printed from here. I’d also printed the little flags with South African sayings and stuck them to straws and cocktail sticks, to really make G feel at home!


Finally we popped the Zebra steaks on, and once they were done, settled down to eat.

Unfortunately the heatwave we’ve been having decided to vacate the area for the duration of our BBQ so we sat at the table inside.

We accompanied our exotic meats with a bottle of South African wine (appropriately called Tiger Horse!), Sol beers (not South African I know!), BBQ sauce and some were brave enough to take on the hot sauce!

For dessert I’d made a traditional dish called Malva pudding (recipe here). This is a rich, dense, syrupy sponge, meant to be served hot, but I decided to serve it cold with ice cream and strawberries.


It got the seal of approval from G so I think I nailed it!

With the food consumed someone thought it would be a good idea to try more of the hot sauce. Something that caused us great amounts of laughter, but poor J a very sore tongue and the need to drink a lot of milk!

The £50 donated by MoneySupermarket for The Charcoal Challenge bought everything but the alcohol and some condiments we already had in, so it more than provided for the four of us for our South African themed BBQ!
Just as we finished lunch and my guests had to leave, the sunshine decided to put in an appearance! Typical! But despite the unpredictable British weather, we had a throughly South African lunch and having friends around to share it was the best part.


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