Mothering Sunday // Tales From The Earth

Mothering Sunday is fast approaching (15th March in case you need reminding!) and if you’re stuck for ideas then Tales From The Earth have the perfect answer for any jewellery loving Mum out there.

Tales From The Earth Word Circle necklace - love

Beautifully packaged jewellery with great sentiments – what Mum wouldn’t like to open this on Sunday?

My favourite thing about TFTE jewellery is the descriptions that accompany your chosen piece. Lovingly written cards that give each piece more meaning – a lovely touch and a great way of articulating the meaning behind your gift.

Tales From The Earth Word Circle necklace - love

The ‘Word Circle’ necklaces are available with the following words:
Luck, Love, Happy, Family, Mum, Friends, Joy, Laughter, Adventure, Inspire, Dream, Courage, Trust – meaning you’ll be able to find one that fits the person you’re gifting it to perfectly.

Tales From The Earth Word Circle necklace - love

At £30 these are a great way of giving Mum a beautiful, meaningful piece of jewellery without breaking the bank!

Here are a few more pieces from TFTE which are perfect for Mothering Sunday.

Tales From The Earth Word jewellery

Whatever you decide to give you Mum this Mothering Sunday, just remember the best gift of all could just be a hug and saying ‘I love you Mum’.


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