My Pregnancy Essentials – 1st Trimester

My Pregnancy Essentials – 1st Trimester

Now I’m in my second trimester I thought it would fun and useful to let you know what worked for me in the first trimester. So if you’ve just found out you’re expecting, I hope some of this helps and more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS!


We found out we were expecting at 5 weeks and by week 6 I was already feeling nauseous all the time. Unfortunately I was experiencing morning sickness around 4-5 times a day too, right up until around week 11. I was also incredibly bloated very early on and by week 6/7 I couldn’t do up my trousers and had resorted to using a hair tie to keep them in place!

Eventually the hair tie trick just wasn’t doing it for me and I decided to purchase some maternity leggings. Having no idea where to even begin for maternity clothes, I started with Asos. I’d read that with maternity clothes you stay with your usual sizing but with trousers there was the option of over bump or under bump and I immediately knew I’d be more comfortable in something that went over bump (or bloat as it was then!).

I ordered some New Look maternity leggings (2 pack) from Asos and have pretty much lived in them since! As my bloat grew into a little bump I realised I couldn’t just live in leggings (not sure why!) so I ordered some maternity jeans (also from Asos).

Pregnancy Essentials Trousers

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Having Asos Premier is great when you’re pregnant -I didn’t have the energy to try clothes on in a store plus I could order things in multiple sizes to try at home. The maternity range at Asos is really good and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re unsure where to start.


My Mum took me to Mothercare where she kindly bought me some maternity bras – I opted for these Maternity Support T-Shirt bras (2 pack) and got them in white and black with white spots and also plain black and nude.

Mothercare Maternity Bras

I made sure to be measured whilst I was there and to my surprise I’d already gone up 2 cup sizes, even though I was convinced nothing had changed! They’re not wired but have great padding support and they’re really comfy.


Before I fell pregnant my skin was suffering from bad breakouts and it didn’t clear up during my first trimester either (cue cries of ‘where is my pregnancy glow?!’). I’m now particularly conscious of what ingredients I’m putting on my skin so wanted a pregnancy safe range.  After some research I found Mio Skincare or more specifically their Mama Mio range.

I ordered their Tummy Rub Butter and Lucky Legs Cooling Leg Gel first, swiftly followed by the Gorgeous Glow 3-step skincare set which includes a face wash, a brightening eye serum and a combined day & night cream. The Tummy Rub Butter is a lovely thick cream that thins out when rubbed in warm hands and spreads nicely over your bump without leaving a sticky residue. The Cooling Leg Gel is great for tired or swollen legs and feet and it’s nice to massage into my legs on the nights when I’m suffering from Restless Legs.

Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials.jpg

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From the Gorgeous Glow set I adore the skin wash and the day & night cream but don’t use the eye serum as much as I probably should! I do have two complaints about the day & night cream though. First complaint is that it is not sold separately from the set – which means I can’t replace products as I finish them. My second quibble is that it comes in a tub and not a tube or pump – meaning you can waste product and it also isn’t the most hygienic of delivery methods.

I’ve also been using Bio Oil at night – I don’t know if it does all it claims to regarding stretch marks but I like the smell and I don’t find it greasy (which I know some people do).


As soon as I fell pregnant I downloaded the Ovia Pregnancy app (available on the App Store and Android). I love this app and it’s my go-to every morning to read the daily articles.

My favourite part of the app is the baby growth indicator which you can compare baby’s size with fruits & vegetables, weird-but-cute-animals, fun and games or Parisian bakery items (I love how pretentious this one is!). So for example at week 17 baby is the size of pomegranate/chipmunk/playstation controller/crème brûlée – you get the idea! Also look how teeny that handprint is – so cute!


One feature I’m not such a fan of is the Food Safety Lookup. This app is American produced and aimed at American users, therefore the guidelines for foods to avoid are much stricter. This made me quite paranoid in the first trimester and I found myself constantly checking it, which made me worse. For example there are certain foods that Americans must avoid due to their manufacture but that are perfectly safe to consume in the UK – so if you’re in the UK, I’d recommend checking the NHS Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy instead.

Food & Drink

This is a hard one as everyone is different. I was really nauseous during my first trimester and struggled to keep most foods down. I was mostly attracted to carbs (croissants, strawberry pop tarts, garlic bread) and ginger beer or elderflower cordial with sparkling water. I tried eating ginger in both crystallised form and Gin Gins which helped somewhat, and Preggie Pop Drops are a good alternative if you’re not a ginger fan.
I also tried travel sickness wrist bands but these did nothing for me – it’s about finding something that works for you and sticking to it.

Food Pregnancy Essentials.jpg

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The main piece of advice I can give when it comes to nausea and morning sickness is just eat what you can, when you can and also keep drinking. Dehydration in pregnancy is dangerous and if you’re struggling to keep any food or liquids down please inform your healthcare provider immediately as you may be suffering from extreme morning sickness known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

I will be doing my pregnancy essentials for the second trimester when I reach my third trimester so it’ll be interesting to see how things have changed! Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all things pregnancy related by using the Categories tab and selecting ‘Pregnancy’.


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