Our New House

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram or you read my last post, you’ll know that my boyfriend and I have just bought a house!

We only moved in last Friday and we don’t have all our furniture yet, so for the time being I thought I’d share with you some photos of the bits that are done and also what I’ve been up to in my lovely new house!

When we arrived to receive the keys, the door had a bow on it which was a cute touch. There was also a large bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne from the builders.

Look how sunny our garden is!

We’ve made one trip to Ikea so far, and we got this cute garden table and chairs set for £35, plus these pots for planting herbs.
The kitchen is my favourite room in the house so far, probably because it’s the only one that is finished! Our fridge arrived on Monday and we picked up this table and chairs when we went to Ikea. I’m going to paint the chairs blue to match the blue accessories in the kitchen.
There are farms a mile either side of us, so I popped up to one of them to see if they had anything for sale. With all the chickens around it wasn’t surprising they sell eggs, so I picked up half a dozen to do some baking with. How pretty are they?

Of course I had to bake in my new kitchen, so I made a classic Victoria sponge decorated with fresh strawberries.

As it’s been so lovely and sunny recently, I’ve been having my lunch outside, enjoying the garden and the peace and quiet when the builders stop for their tea break!

We had Tacos on Wednesday night, of course using our new table and it’s lovely new oil cloth from Dunelm Mill.

And finally, last night we went for a stroll down to the other farm and met this lovely lady and her boyfriend on the way.

We don’t have any internet in the house at the moment and may not do for a while, so if I’m not around as much then that’s the reason. It’s quite nice just to enjoy the countryside and each other’s company rather than be on the internet all the time! Having said that, I will try and write a little log post as and when we make additions to the house.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos from our first week!

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