Our Wedding – My Hair & Makeup

Our Wedding – My Hair & Makeup



Wedding photography by Kerry Morgan

As I picked my dress rather early on in the planning (engaged in September, dress ordered in October!) I had plenty of time to think about other aspects of my appearance, such as my hair, makeup and accessories. I knew I wanted a professional to do my hair and makeup, as although I can cope with day to day hair and makeup this was something special and I wanted to be relaxed and in the hands of a pro.

Of course I made the usual Pinterest boards and there was a definite theme – soft, natural makeup and a lot of up-do hairstyles, mainly with a low bun or chignon. I had by this point decided on a veil and my headpiece which was a bonus as I could take them with me to my trial. After a bit of research I contacted a makeup artist who, although wasn’t available on our wedding date, recommend Patricia Soper to me – and boy am I glad she did!

From the first email I knew Patricia and I would get on and I was right. She is the most lovely person and I think I even said to her at my trial that I would love her to be there on the day as she is such a calm, gentle person to be around!

My main concern with my makeup was that I wanted to look like myself – a slightly more glamorous version of course, but I wanted Nick to recognise me. I didn’t feel that our wedding day was the time to start experimenting with red lipstick or heavy eye makeup.



Eyes – Individual false lashes, Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Dolce Vita’ eye shadow palette

Lips – Tom Ford ‘Indian Rose’ lipstick

I had a few individual false lashes applied in amongst my own and lashings of waterproof mascara so I didn’t cry it all off! Funnily enough, despite being an emotional person and crying at all manner of things I didn’t shed a tear all day – I was too busy beaming from ear to ear!

As I have very fine hair  I knew I wanted it up on the day. I had thought about adding in some hair extensions to bulk out my own hair, so when I went for my hair and makeup trial I took my Irresistible Me extensions with me. Patricia curled my hair and the extensions and they blended in so well, no one but my bridesmaids knew it was anything other than my own. My headpiece was so versatile as it could be bent into a variety of shapes and I decided to wear it tiara style with my veil tucked in behind it.



For my wedding perfume my Mum treated me to a bottle of Miss Dior ‘Blooming Bouquet’ – a beautifully light and fresh floral scent. It has notes of Peony and Damascus Rose (my favourite flower scent) with a touch of Bergamot and White Musk.

I’ve always had a very evocative sense of smell. It only takes a whiff of something to transport me to a time, place or occasion, so my wedding perfume was something I wanted to get right. My mum and I spent a while in the Perfume Shop testing out different scents and trying them on my skin (which makes a world of difference!). Blooming Bouquet is such a beautiful, classic but fresh scent I knew it would work for our August wedding. Just a spritz of it takes me back to the excitement and anticipation of our wedding day.

Nick and I went together to choose his aftershave. Again after trying many options we settled on Prada ‘Luna Rossa’ which is a scent that really suits Nick. He also took it on Honeymoon so not only does it remind me of our wedding day but also of our fabulous Honeymoon too (although unfortunately at the moment my pregnancy boosted sense of smell can’t abide it!).

If you haven’t caught up with my previous post on my wedding dress and the other wedding party outfits you can find that here.

Coming soon: The flowers, the venues and the cake!


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