Having just moved my brother into a house not far from Soho, we were wandering round, trying to find somewhere to have dinner, when we stumbled across Pix Bar. Despite me trying to persuade him, he had his sights set on Chinese so we continued down into China Town for bowls of steaming noodles and crispy duck rolls.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about Pix. This tiny restaurant front, with a bar crammed full of plates of tapas was calling to me. So on that Friday night when the boy arrived in London,  I knew exactly where we were heading. Gathering my best friend and her boyfriend, I persuaded them all that a trip to Soho was exactly what we needed. I booked a table as from the size of the place I knew it would fill up fast. We arrived a little early and popped across to Giraffe for a quick drink before our table was ready.

They seated us at a bar by the stairs and we clambered up onto the bar stools (something I find a little tricky.) After ordering glasses of Spanish wine and bottles of beer for the boys, the waiter explained to us the Pix way of eating. Once plates had been delivered A and I sent the boys up to the bar which was groaning with different tapas dishes. They returned, plates laden, so we went along to the bar to see what we could find. Pix has a clever way of telling you how much each dish (pintxos) is, by using skewers that stand up in each dish, with the length of the skewer telling you how much that dish is (£1.95 for the shorter stick and £2.75 for the longer one.) This means you can eat within a budget if you want and not if you’re being greedy like we were. Once you’re done with the sticks, you pop them into a little vase and at the end of the meal, take it to one of the waiters who will count them and work out your bill for you!

Quince coated Chorizo on Manchego cheese, Iberico ham & Béchamel croqueta, Marinated fig & goat’s cheese on taste croute, Vegetarian tortilla

There were a lot of good things to eat. Here are just some of the delights we sampled.

Marinated fig and goat’s cheese on toasted croute
Gazpacho Martini
Seared tuna Pipperade on crusty bread
Iberico ham and Quail’s egg with fois gras on crusty bread
Vegetarian tortilla
Quince coated Chorizo on Manchego cheese
Iberico ham and Béchamel croqueta
Peppers stuffed with goat’s cheese and pine nuts
Churros with chocolate sauce
Espresso chocolate mousse

Gazpacho Martini, Seared tuna Pipperade on crusty bread, Quince coated Chorizo on Manchego cheese

Churros with chocolate sauce & Espresso and chocolate mousse

The chorizo and Manchego was particularly good, but there wasn’t one dish that night that we could have complained about. My friends were happy I’d dragged them to Soho after all, and we will definitely be visiting Pix again.

NB. We spent £120 between four of us, including drinks.

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