My Pregnancy Essentials – 2nd Trimester

My Pregnancy Essentials – 2nd Trimester

I’m officially in the 3rd trimester and hurtling closer to my due date – just under 10 weeks to go! When I reached the 2nd trimester I did a guide to what helped me through the 1st trimester which I know some of you found helpful. So now I’m in the final trimester, here are my 2nd trimester pregnancy essentials.


I’m still loving good ol’ Asos, but Mothercare has also supplied me with some cute dresses for work like this black and white stripe tube dress (my current favourite piece). I’ve also invested in another pair of jeans (faded black this time) from New Look Maternity (via Asos). 

We had a ‘babymoon’ week away in Cornwall at a fancy hotel with a pool, so I needed a swimsuit. This Asos black and white one did the job perfectly.

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials - Mothercare Dress, New Look Jeans, Asos Swimsuit

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I’ve found I’m much more comfortable if I sleep wearing a very soft bra. This two pack of nursing/maternity bras from H&M are perfect for now and later (if needed). They’re really comfy and I’ll be going back for more in a bigger size when they’re needed.

I’m also unbearably hot in the night these days, so these provide enough coverage to sleep in with just some shorts or loose cotton trousers.

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials - H&M Nursing Bras in pink & grey


Sadly I’ve come to the end of my Mama Mio face moisturiser and as I can’t purchase it as a single product I’ve looked elsewhere. The Body Shop are well known for using natural ingredients so they were my first stop. I chatted with the sales assistant about my skin and we decided that the Seaweed range was best for me. Luckily there was a 3 for 2 deal on so I got the day cream/gel, a night gel and a clay mask.

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials - The Body Shop Seaweed Face Collection1 | 2 | 3

Apps & Books

I’m still very happy with the Ovia Pregnancy App which I talked about in my 1st trimester essentials post. I love seeing how big the baby is each week, the growing hand print makes me so excited to meet our little one!

A friend recommended The Wonder Weeks app to me for when baby is here – it’s a handy guide that tells you how your baby is developing week by week and when to expect developmental ‘leaps’. These leaps can make baby cranky so knowing why they’re not happy could be very handy! I haven’t started using this yet, but I think it’ll be invaluable!

Whilst we were on ‘babymoon’ in Cornwall, I finished Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher. I loved this book so much, it made me chuckle and cry in equal measures.

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials - Happy Mum Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher

Food & Drink

I’d love to tell you that the 2nd trimester brought relief from morning sickness, but for me that wasn’t true. I’ve also been suffering from heartburn so Gaviscon is my new best friend – there are packets of the stuff everywhere!

My cravings have been fairly simple and easy to please. Milk has been my biggest craving with ice cream a close second. I’m also pretty keen on garlicky prawns too.

I  keep a bottle of water and snacks of some sort with me at all times as I’m constantly thirsty and hungry. Snacks such as mixed nuts, fruit, cereal bars and pitta bread with hummus have been staples in my handbag. All these things are good at keeping me feeling fuller for longer.

I will be doing my pregnancy essentials for the third trimester when I reach the end of the third trimester. You can keep up to date with all things pregnancy related by using the Categories tab and selecting ‘Pregnancy’.


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