Proud & Co Oven Glove

Proud & Co Oven Glove
Christmas time means a lot of time spent in the kitchen. There’s so much to make, bake and cook!

This year is the first year we will spend Christmas in our new house and we are hosting! There will be ten of us on the day, which means there is lots of baking and cooking to do in order to be prepared for the big day.

So when I was asked to review this Proud & Co* oven glove, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get baking my first Christmas cake – which as we speak is gently soaking up yet more brandy!

Baking is one of my passions and so I was excited to make a Christmas cake for the first time. When I bake I like to use the best ingredients possible, and that also means the quality of my equipment. There’s no use using great ingredients and shoddy equipment, and that goes for baking tins and oven gloves alike.
Now an oven glove may not sound like the most exciting product to review, but any avid baker will know the pain of burning their wrist on the oven shelf and therefore it may not be exciting as such but is a necessary piece of equipment in a bakers’ arsenal.
Proud & Co Oven Glove
Look how pretty it is! Plus it’s heat resistant up to 500°F (!), non slip, machine washable, waterproof AND fits either left handed or right handed users. Phew!So if you have a baking or cooking lover in your life and they already have all the kitchen gadgets known to man, perhaps you should add this to their Christmas list this year?


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