Purple Stained Fingers

On Sunday, the sun made an appearance, despite having disappeared for my BBQ on Saturday! So with the sun beating down and a cool breeze, my boyfriend and I decided to go fruit picking at a farm not far from where I live.

I was planning to make a Summer Pudding for Sunday after supper and although we usually make it the day before, I knew it would be fine with a few hours pressing for this one time. Mum had a lovely shoulder of lamb so I thought it would be nice to serve it with fresh peas and broad beans, light and simple. With these dishes in mind, we set off for the ‘Pick Your Own’ farm.

To begin with, we headed to the strawberries, but with the arrival of a rare Summer, the bushes had been completely stripped by previous visitors. Without being too disheartend, we decided to investigate the state of the raspberries, and were pleasantly surprised.

After picking a punnet full of raspberries, we found the farm map and located the peas and broad beans, which were naturally on the far side of the farm! We trudged over the dry ground, and despite there being no strawberries left, the air was sweet with the smell of them.

Here there were plenty of beans and peas hiding underneath the leaves. Picking the biggest pods we could find, we filled two punnets with peas and beans with an extra pod for tasting!

Then it was back over to the blackcurrants to finish collecting the ingredients for our Summer Pudding.

We didn’t need too many of these so I left the expert at it and made some friends.

We headed back over to the greenhouse to pay, and were surprised to find our four full punnets cost less than £10! So with the change, plus a little extra, we treated ourselves to an ice cream whilst admiring the greenhouse flowers.

As we’d been unable to pick any strawberries, we picked a punnet of them up from the farm shop before heading home with the purple stains of blackcurrant juice on our fingers.

Once home, I left my brother and boyfriend to shell the peas & broad beans whilst I made a start on the Summer Pudding.

When supper time came around, while the lamb rested, Mum rustled up a jar of homemade mint sauce using the mint from our garden.

And Dad carved the lamb. Vegetarians look away now!

I served the vegetables simply, with a little sprinkle of sea salt, some garlic buttered new potatoes and of course the lamb. All accompanied by a rather jazzy bottle of red.

Despite only being pressed for a few hours, pudding was a sweet, pink bowl bursting with the flavours of Summer, perfectly living up to its name.

Let’s hope the sun continues eh?


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