REN BB Cream

The other day on twitter I just mentioned that I wanted to try the new REN BB cream, as I’d read a lot of rave reviews about it amongst the beauty bloggers. REN saw my tweet and very kindly offered to send me a sample.

I was expecting one of those one use sachet samples, but I received 15ml*, a perfect amount for a few days try out.

I’ve been a fan or REN for a long time (as I mentioned here) as my favourite hotel used to stock them as their bathroom products.

I have to admit when I squeezed out a sample onto my hand I was worried that the orange colour was going to be waaaay to dark for me. But having read a few reviews, and read the leaflet that came with the sample, I knew that it would adapt to my skin tone (I was still a little skeptical though!)

The first thing I noticed (other than the colour) was the smell. It has a lovely citrus orangey smell to it, which matches the orangey colour. Now I don’t know much about the science behind the product but the main thing about it is that it is silicone free. Apparently this means it is less likely to irritate sensitve skin, allows the skin to breathe and prevents blocked pores (if you know any more about this please comment below as I’d love to know!)

The technology of the product means that whilst they only have one colour (Light Medium) it should adapt to most skin tones. I think there are plans to bring out more colours in the future, but as a very pale girl, it doesn’t go too dark on me at all.
As you can see, it leaves a lovely flawless finish. I’ve been wearing this for three days now and I can safely say I am going to be purchasing a full sized version as soon as pay day comes round!

You can purchase the BB cream from the REN website at £26 for 50ml.


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