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As an almost life long glasses wearer (from the age of 12) I know the importance of a good pair of glasses. They have to not only look good, but they have to feel right too. There’s nothing worse than having a great looking pair of glasses that dig into your nose or give you headaches from the arms being too tight.
As a daily contact lens wearer I have to give my eyes a break occasionally, and that’s when my glasses come out. My usual pair are thick Buddy Holly style black frames which I love, but I’m looking for something different to add to my collection, so I can mix it up a little.

And this is where you come in. A little while ago Specspost asked me to try out three pairs of their glasses frames and to decide which ones I prefer. Well I’ve deliberated for a while now but I just cannot decide! So I’m going to make you do the deciding for me.

From top to bottom:

Keira Knightly Style Glasses‘ – these are a large semi oval shape in a dark brown acetate, thick and chunky, based on Miss Knightly’s own ‘geek chic’ frames.

Duo Two Tone Burgundy‘ – vibrant pinky purple half frame combined with a slight black cat eye top. These have a retro, 1950’s feel to them. I can imagine a character from Grease in these! But they’re definitely fun and a bit different.

Fearne‘ – Oversized tortoiseshell acetate frames, these are the classic ‘geek chic’ frame we’re used to seeing. They’re seriously lightweight and a lighter alternative to black or solid dark brown frames.

Me wearing Specspost glasses in Duo Two Tone Burgundy frames, Keira Knightly style frames and Fearne frames
Which glasses should I keep?
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Specspost have a rather handy service where, for a small deposit you can try your chosen frames on at home. Then you simply post the frames back, letting them know which ones you would like your lenses putting in and voila! New glasses, nifty eh?  They also have a fantastic range of glasses, from heavy frames, to no frames at all, men’s, women’s, designer and bargain pairs, I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone.

So which frames do you prefer on me? Let me know by completing the poll above and when I’ve got the results, I’ll let you know which glasses I’ll be keeping!


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