Sunday Stomp

On Sunday, the boyfriend and I decided to go stomping round the New Forest.

Knowing it would be a long and cold day, we got up and filled our bellies with ‘homemade’ croissants. You know the ones that come in a can that you pull apart and then roll up, yeah, those. Life’s too short to make croissant dough on a Sunday morning.

raw croissant dough

inside cooked croissant

Then we packed up sandwiches, scotch eggs, crisps, malt loaf & the all important flask of tea, and set off for the chilly forest.

We had decided on a 3 mile walk round the forest, so we wrapped up, abandoned the warmth of the car, and set off.

Boyfriend walking in the New Forest

It was very muddy, so I was glad I had my wellies.

Muddy New Forest

Muddy New Forest

We made a few friends along the way.

Foal and mother horses
Chestnut horses

About five minutes before I took this, we were stuck on a series of little islands going across a very marshy bit of land. We spent a good deal of time trying to figure out a route across when we were nearly bowled over by a very handsome Husky called Malley. He quickly figured out a route for us and we followed him to dry land, but ran off before I could get a picture of his gorgeous eyes (one blue, one brown).

Cows in the New Forest

We headed back to the car with frozen noses and turned the heating up for our little picnic. After we’d munched our sandwiches, we decided that it was time to hit the pub where we warmed up with a big ol’ cup of tea!

Scotch egg

Ham, cheese, lettuce, Branston pickle sandwich

The rest of Sunday was spent warming up in front of the fire whilst the boyfriend cooked a roast. Blissful!


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