The Big City – Part One

This weekend was a very busy one, but oh so much fun. How I managed to cram so much into three days I do not know, but to avoid overloading you with things, I thought I’d break it down into more managable chunks!

It all started on Saturday morning when the boyfriend and I took the train to London to celebrate a friends’ upcoming birthday and her long overdue housewarming.

After lugging our weekend bags across London and dropping them at A’s flat, we made our way to the Natural History Museum. We’ve been before, but the boy has a fascination with dinosaurs that can only be satisfied by a trip to one of the most beautiful museums in London.

The Natural History Museum London

Stuffed Stag in Natural History Museum London
 Stone Monkey in Natural History Museum London

Unfortunately the queue for the dinosaur exhibit was nearly 2 hours long, so after oohing and ahhing at a giant Sequoia and various stuffed animals, we made our way to Madsen in South Ken for a Scandanavian lunch.

The boyfriend in Madsen South Kensington

We plumped for the Warm Breaded Plaice Smushi (a kind of Danish open sandwich) which was served on dark rye bread, with capers and the most delicious remoulade sauce & the Smoked Salmon Smushi which came on sourdough & was topped with crayfish.

Smoked Salmon Smushi in Madsen South Kensington

Warm Breaded Plaice Smushi in Madsen South Kensington

We also ordered the cod & haddock fish cakes, which also came with rye bread & the aforementioned glorious remoulade.

Cod & Haddock fish cakes in Madsen South Kensington

Cherry & Apple juice in Madsen South Kensington

After devouring the lot between us, we moved on to the Scandinavian cheese platter. Unfortunately there was no Norwegian goats cheese available, which wasn’t too much of a problem as I’m not the biggest fan of it, but we were instead treated to a bigger helping of the delicious Danish blue cheese. Served with Artisan crisp bread and fruit, it was the perfect end to our fishy meal.

Scandinavian cheese platter in Madsen South Kensington

After lunch we popped up the road to Bumpkin South Ken, to see Rosie Londoner and join in with the Blogger Bake Sale. I’d made some lemon drizzle cupcakes on Friday night, and so popped them out on plate for the fellow bloggers to try. As usual I’d over catered but I hope they went down well!

I met Kimberley ( after tweeting each other what we were wearing and then finally plucking up the courage to introduce ourselves! It was really lovely to meet Rosie too as I’ve been following her blog for a while now, she was very sweet and incredibly polite, especially as so many people were asking for photos with her!

Kimberley ( and Sophie (

The boy and I sampled a few cakes, brownies and of course Kimberley’s cookies, and made a donation, as it was a charity event after all! The proceeds from Saturday’s Blogger Bake Sale will be going to Shelter and to support children in Syria, very worthy causes.

Cakes at the Blogger Bake Sale at Bumpkin South Ken

After sampling Bumpkin’s English Garden Gin cocktail and someone’s scrummy brownies, we made our way back to A’s to get changed for our night out.

Having freshened up, we cracked open some drinks, turned up the music and awaited the arrival of some old school friends, whilst making some new ones too. It was really lovely the girls after quite a while, and we had a few attempts at getting a photo of all of us!


Once everyone had arrived, we jumped on the tube and made our way to Bounce.
For those who don’t know, Bounce is a ping pong club. Filled with ping pong tables, serving food and great cocktails, it such a lovely atmosphere to soak up before you head into the night for dancing in clubs. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a table to play as it was so busy, but it was great fun all the same.

After collecting ping pong balls (and occasionally throwing them at each other!) we flagged down some cabs and headed to Sway, where we danced the night away to cheesy 80’s music.


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