The Weekly Roundup #2

The aim of ‘The Weekly Roundup’ is to make myself sit for five minutes to think about what I’ve done that week. It doesn’t have to be writing a symphony or saving a life, it can be as simple as having eaten a really tasty dinner or going for a walk. To make it a bit easier I’m going to provide little headings for myself, only 6 of them, to fill in at the end of the week.

I would really love it if other bloggers would like to get involved and just spend that five minutes on a Sunday thinking about what they’ve done in the last week. Please feel free to use the graphic below!

A fab fig, burrata & proscuitto salad at Antico (review to come soon!), a Pakistani feast (made using ingredients from my Kitchen Nomad box) & macarons from Ladurée


Downton Abbey, GBBO, Breaking Bad & a documentary about Broadmoor

Listened to…

Adele & Katy Perry

Laughed at..
this video (too cute!) and Snapchats from various friends

Company, In Style and Cosmopolitan magazines

To London and up the Shard and it was fanastic! If you get the opportunity then go!

If you’d like to join in the ‘The Weekly Roundup’ feature, please do let me know either here, on twitter @sophielbradley or email me at

(p.s. some of you eagle eyed readers will notice this is not the same title as last week’s ‘This Week I…’ It turns out that unbeknownst to me, there is another blogger who has a weekly series called ‘This Week I…’ After I was alerted to it I decided to change the name of the feature so the two would not be confused. I hope this clears up any questions people may have & it also explains why I’m posting today (Monday) and not Sunday)


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