This Week I…#1

I don’t know if it’s just me but I usually find that Sundays get a bit neglected as a posting day. The last day of the weekend can get a bit hectic when you realise a new week is rolling round and you don’t have a clean shirt for work/uni/school/college etc, so for this reason I’ve decided to start a weekly blog feature called ‘This Week I…’


The aim of ‘This Week I…’ is to make myself sit for five minutes to think about what I’ve done that week. It doesn’t have to be writing a symphony or saving a life, it can be as simple as having eaten a really tasty dinner or going for a walk. To make it a bit easier I’m going to provide little headings for myself, only 6 of them, to fill in at the end of the week.

I would really love it if other bloggers would like to get involved and just spend that five minutes on a Sunday thinking about what they’ve done in the last week.

So far we have these lovely ladies involved:


Feel free to use the graphic to add to your ‘This Week I…’ posts!

mum’s homemade malt loaf, a coffee mousse from Sainsbury’s that should come with a warning (it’s that good) Wagamama’s with the boyfriend and a garlic roast chicken that so garlicky Vampires the world over will be running away from me.

the pastry episode of the Great British Bake Off, 3 episodes of Breaking Bad – Season 5, Downton Abbey, Filth and This Is 40.

Listened to…
Busted, Bruno Mars & Landon Austin

Laughed at..
the way Caroline Hirons phrases things, this picture, This Is 40

a lot of blogs, but mostly Caroline Hirons, Bed In The Kitchen, Fashion Life London & A Little Beauty Spot

to work, the osteopath, a Basingstoke Bison v Guildford Flames ice hockey game and conker picking with my Mum

If you’d like to join in the This Week I… feature, please do let me know either here, on twitter @sophielbradley or email me at


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