Thumbs Down – Trends

Recently when I’ve been perusing the shops, I noticed a number of trends that I think deserve a massive thumbs down. Let’s be clear here, I don’t mean for everyone as they may suit some people (perhaps less than 1% of the population, but I digress) but they are certainly not for me.

Images from Polyvore

1.Cut Out Swimsuits 
You my friend are going to have some odd tan lines. Or you’re going to flash someone with all those random bits hanging out. Surely you either want to wear a swimsuit or a bikini, please don’t wear some off hybrid of the two.

2. Crop Tops
Unless you’re Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera circa 1999, please don’t. If you have a washboard stomach, good for you, but please keep it for the beach, you’re not making anyone else feel good about that extra slice of cake they had.

4. Short Shorts
Ladies, if you’re bottom is hanging out of your shorts it means you need a bigger pair. It is not an excuse to buy them. If I wanted to see a ladies bottom I’m sure I could find a way, but I don’t so please put yours away. Now.

5. Creepers
The clue is in the name, they’re creepy. Guaranteeing flat feet and stumpy looking legs, they don’t suit anyone in my opinion.

6. Cut Out Dresses
Are you sensing a theme here?
‘Look that’s such a lovely dress, I think I’ll buy it.’
*tries on*
‘Oh my love handles/stomach/side boobs/other are spilling out of the oddly placed holes’
Same as cut out swimsuits. Either you want a dress or a skirt and top. Not a skirt and top joined by strange bits of material.

 What trends get your thumbs down?


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