Thumbs Up – Trends

In conjunction with my Thumbs Down – Trends post, I thought I’d be a little more positive and share with you the trends that I’m loving. They may not be things I would wear necessarily, but love all the same.
Images from Polyvore
1. Ankle Strap Heels
I cannot express how much I love ankle strap heels! Elegant, leg lengthening and go with pretty much every outfit! My only problem is my ridiculously skinny ankles, but luckilly the man at Timpsons has a thing for me so punches a couple more holes out of the strap for me! Check out M&S for some limited edition pastel ones, I have them in mint.
2. Statements Necklaces
The number of statement necklaces in my collection is silly. Zara have been churning out consistantly beautiful statement neckpieces for a while, but for something a bit different, have a gander at Melody Sweetpea, they’ll even make one offs for you!
3. Perspex Accessories
The only down side is everyone can see what you carry around with you. Tricky when it’s that time of the month or you’re planning a big night so have plenty of cash with you. Invest in a cute zip up purse, cram everything inside and pop that inside the perspex clutch. Also loving perspex heels on shoes (NOT Courtney Stodden style, even though Helen Mirren pulled it off!)
4. Kimono Jackets
I’m not sure this is a trend I could pull off, although I do have a lot of love for slouchy knits in this shape so perhaps it could work over denim shorts and a plain white tee. Loving the Oriental inspiration, and the abundance of colours means you can wear them with plenty of different outfits. Might try one on soon…
5. Dungarees 
They say if you wore something the first time it was in style, you shouldn’t the when it comes back around, but I whole heartedly disagree with that when it comes to dungarees. Worn the right way (i.e. not with a crop top under and certainly not with creepers… see my peeve with these in this post) with a plain tee underneath and with Converse I think these can look really cute. I’m particularly loving non denim dungarees, or non blue denim (think cord, floral etc)
What trends get your thumbs up?

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