Hands up who’s missing Wimbledon?

Murray, fancy Umpire uniforms, bronzed celebrity spectators, and best of all, strawberries and cream.

Well Wimbles may be over but you can still indulge in the strawberries & cream, just with less calories!

treaclemoon have brought back their Limited Edition Iced Strawberry Dream Bath and Shower Gel* due to popular demand – and if you’ve ever had a whiff of this deliciously sweet concoction you’ll know why!

A dual purpose product, pour into the bath to create luxurious soft strawberry scented bubbles or lather up in the shower for a really moisturising shower gel that leaves you smelling like a tub of strawberry ice cream (or as I exclaimed when I first sniffed it… ‘IT SMELLS LIKE STRAWBERRY CALPOL!’ Which is no bad thing in my book!)


If you’ve never heard of treaclemoon before, here’s a little low down on the brand. Available in Tesco and Waitrose, treaclemoon is a purse friendly brand (£2.99 for this baby and you get 500ml!) that doesn’t skimp on quality with every product having a unique and truely delicious scent. The brand launched in 2007 and since then they’ve built up a pretty little range including bath & shower gels, body scrubs, hand washes & lotions, body butters and lovely gift sets. Plus they’re also vegan-friendly and don’t test on animals so catering for the more concious beauty fan too.

treaclemoon have a fun, light-hearted brand philosophy.  They certainly don’t take themselves too seriously – employing a garden gnome called Charles Henry Nelson as ‘Creative Director’. In keeping with their philosophy of love and light treaclemoon have joined up with BulliesOut a great charity that ‘provides information and support to individuals, schools, workplaces, and community settings. BulliesOut support a vision whereby all young people are able to recognise their self-worth and potential, and flourish in caring environments that foster positive futures.’

The treaclemoon products come in a variety of fragrances and not all are as sweet and girly as Iced Strawberry Dream – try One Ginger Morning for something more zingy.

If you’ve not had a treaclemoon experience yet well what are you waiting for? Let me know which scent is your favourite.


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