Valentine’s Day // Yucoco Chocolate Bars

Valentine’s Day chocolates can be a sad affair. Mass produced, tasteless creations packaged in naff red foil paper (or worse, a heart shaped box, *shudder*) and tied with a cheap ribbon. 
So if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated but fun this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Yucoco!
Yucoco personalised chocolate bar

Pick a chocolate bar, top it with yummy things, name it and send it to someone you love (or to yourself…) what more could you ask for? Yucoco chocolate bars are handmade to order meaning no two are the same and according to Yucoco there are over one billion combinations!

So how do you get your mitts on one of these?
1// Choose your chocolate bar base – dark, milk, white or a combination of all three.
2// Pick your toppings (up to 5) choosing from 328 different toppings including 6 different drizzles!
3// Name your chocolate bar. How about ‘Snugglepuff’? You can then personalise the inside of the gift box with a ‘To’ and ‘From’
4// Order your bar to be delivered to the lucky recipient and wait for the praise to begin!

And here’s the one I made for Mr LVS*.

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar

The Monkey Bar – milk chocolate topped with homemade rocky road, salted caramel, chocolate covered popping candy, honeycomb and an ‘I Love Yu’ plaque.

close up of Yucoco personalised chocolate bar

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar

Depending on the toppings you choose, the chocolate bars tend to cost under £10 which for something handmade and personalised, is great value especially for Valentine’s Day.

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar
And I can safely say that it doesn’t just look pretty – The Monkey Bar is seriously delicious too (Mr LVS let me have a little piece – after all it is in the name of research!).
Trust me this will go down a lot better than a sad looking teddy bear!

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